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AARDEX Group offers a global architecture to measure and implement patient adherence solutions in clinical trials, research settings, and professional healthcare systems. 

Our solutions are based on the medAmigo software suite integrating powerful visualization and analytical tools which processes dosing history data recorded using MEMS© smart packages.

We offer various kind of smart packages (pharmacy bottle, blister, injectable, inhaler, cream dispenser, etc.) developed on our MEMS© technology*, or compatible with our MEMS© technology*, the Gold Standard in medication adherence research.

Discover the 20 key reasons to choose MEMS© technology and AARDEX Group solutions.



*The principle of the MEMS© technology consists in the incorporation of a micro-circuitry into pharmaceutical packages of various designs (pharmacy bottle, blister, inhaler, eye drops dispenser, etc.) such that the maneuvers needed to remove a dose of drug is detected in real time and time stamped, resulting in dosing history data.