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In a 2015 study (1) 44% of the HIV infected adolescents receiving a boosted protease inhibitor treatment had their viral load uncontrolled.  When the adherence was measured using pill count the average adherence was 100% (range = 93–100%). Without the MEMS reliable and rich adherence measurement, the problem would have been seen as a lack of efficacy requiring therapeutic escalation. In fact, the adherence measured with MEMS showed the real issue, an average adherence level of 41% (range = 3–100%).

By moving the focus to adherence management, the real issues can be addressed. Measure, understand and manage…

  • Measure the real adherence in your population
  • Understand which patients are having which problems
  • Manage the barriers, even the ones that the patients were not aware of, set up goals and review the evaluation on the next visit.

MEMS, we provide the tools

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(1) http://sti.bmj.com/content/91/Suppl_2/A33.3